Who am i?

For the past 15 years, of the more than 30 years I have practiced law, I have specialized in international fraud – partly to investigate these and partly to help victims of the fraud.

To date, I have worked on more than 30 cases and helped many thousands of victims with both getting justice, and their investments back.

In most major scams, the perpetrators are very smart and have large resources at their disposal. The perpetrators are often part of international organised crime. If we are to help the victims of this type of crime, we must use unconventional methods and also be prepared to take risks as a legal representative.

At the end of July 2022, I was commissioned by some of the investors in the JuicyFields business concept to investigate whether the concept was a fraud, and whether I could help the people regain their investments.
Since I have worked in the cannabis industry for more than 10 years, and am personally interested in various cannabis products, I could immediately see that the whole concept was a fraud from the very beginning. On the one hand, the industry does not work as presented, and on the other hand, I have seen the same arrangements and methods that Juicy Fields used in several other scams.

One of my biggest challenges as legal counsel for defrauded victims is convincing my clients that they have indeed been deceived. The vast majority of people are intelligent, educated and experienced. It is difficult to accept that you have been deceived. Fraud is always designed to be a grooming process where you take the victim step by step to invest more money, and the criminals are very good at leaving someone behind after you disappear with the money who both tries to claim that everything will work out in different ways and also that people who have been involved spread misinformation and blame each other – this is part of the fraud.

I can never give any 100 percent guarantees that I will succeed in recovering lost money. With the strategies and methods I have developed over the years, I have had great success, and I do not usually go after the criminals, but after those who helped the criminals – those I call accomplices. Without them, these scams would never have been possible.

I always work on commission, and a percentage of what I manage to regain, and thus don’t get paid if I don’t succeed. To cover, often large, overheads, I charge a small administration fee.

Information and transparency are extremely important when working with my clients, and I have a well-developed system to keep my clients constantly updated with what is happening – and the opportunity to interact with me.

Lars J. Olofsson