Daniel Gauci

Daniel Gauci is known and connected within the cannabis community and has a heartfelt story you can read below from his linkedin profile regarding his children and the benefits of Cannabis to improve their lives. He is a very well cut diamond in terms of rhetoric, super charismatic and was the main face of Juicyfields as their CDO, he was seen as the leader of the company for most of the time until a few months before the scam exit. What did he know before everyone else?


From Daniels Linked profile.

Cannabis ~ Innovation / Branding / Operations and Implementation /
Results and growth with Integrity / Activist / Speaker / Writer / Insta ~
Valencia, Valencian Community, Spain

Cannabis advocate and medical marijuana meddler.
Over half of my life has been learning and living in various European
countries, primarily seeking out different cultures and inspiration
which has led to a wealth of experience in different industries and
sectors. Over 15 wonderfully turbulent years growing, processing
and spent within the cannabis world.

That experience came in handy as I have a son diagnosed as
severely autistic and non verbal and a daughter who suffered with
cancer, Whilms tumour, at 2 years old. Both treated and helped with
cannabis oils and derivatives. Constantly striving to learn more in all aspects of life. I believe rapport, empathy and emotional intelligence are key to obtaining and maintaining relationships, meaningful collaboration leading to strong partnerships and friendships that produce high yields of ideas, income streams and business and charitable activities that are long
lasting and sound. Apart from writing and Cannabis; pharmaceutics, medicinal marijuana, autism, cancer research, hydroponics and mental health play an important part of my personal interests. Herbology, charity,
and anyone within the legacy cannabis markets are close to my
heart and focus. You can be a respected professional, a loving husband, devoted father and productive member of society all the while being a
cannabis consumer from dawn till dusk.

Instagram: @the_gentlemansmoker
Please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss, well, whatever you

Below is the statement Daniel Gauci left and this is the only statement since regarding the exit of the scam. He claims no knowledge and that he is innocent and that he will remain contactable through legal representatives. Noone of which where true. No reporter that we have talked to has been able to contact Daniel for a comment not even past employees have heard one word from him – opposite of what he claims. He was paid a fortune and has not returned any of the money and he will most likely never do unless forced by law.

Please if you have any information regarding Daniel Gauci please send an email to