Personal stories

Daniel Johanssons Juicyfields story


In 2020 August is the first time i see Juicyfields through a friend of mine who sent me a pdf with his research. After a few months i bought my first plants for 150euro to see how things worked, i joined their socials and liked everything i saw during the journey up until the end of it all 2022 July.

It worked smooth so i started to invest more of totally 8k euro the first year. Then i saw the webinar with Kai-Fredrich Niermann who personally knows the minister who is writing the legalisation i Germany and as they said germany was a big client of Juicyfields(which was never true, btw) for medicinal cannabis. For the beginning of my second year in Juicyfields i started to put in serious money. Then they did their exit as mentioned in July.

I contacted Lars and now we are here. It is true i never really did any research i just got blinded by the info from the socials, all the companies and known people who spoke well for them.