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Henning Meyer’s Juicyfields story

Lübeck, Germany, Nov. 23rd, 2022
Public Statement Henning Meyer, Juicyfields victim

My name is Henning Meyer, aged 44, I am a Social Therapist and get a small pension due to health reasons. So I am not able to work full time any more. In March this year I heard about Juicyfields (JF) from a friend of mine. As I come from a poor family I always dreamt of being a part of the world of riches
and wealth some time and in Juicyfields I saw one open door for that. At this time I went through all the Internet and didn't find any critical article or statements about Juicyfields, so I trusted fully in this system and gave the whole rest of my money which I saved for old ages to Juicyfields ( 7050,- Euros, which
is much for me ). At this point of time I gathered more and more positive statements about Juicyfields with the help of Google, Youtube and Facebook. According to that no
harm seemed to be in this Juicyfields-system.
My suffering was immense and my health condition became worse and worse, after the Juicyfields-system collapsed in July 2022, and all my savings was gone. My accsess was denied - I was not able to sleep, nor to work properly in my tiny jobs for a long time. It brought seperation in friendships and family
relationships. Until I heard about Mr. Olofsson's campaign bringing truth, justice in this case. I registered for help and am now ready to give a statement in public. Also to the german ZDF television in order to reveal this huge fraud to the officials. This
will bring both emotional distress healing, as well as financial distress healing for me and my family : That I can be part of a Class Action and also can make the next generation sensitive to these Criminal intentions, who are based in the