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Doras Juicyfields story

Hallo, my Name is Dora from Germany. I lost More than 6000 € in the juicyfields Scam

I was so convinced that i can earn a passive income with Medical Cannabis.

What convinced me the most was the fact, That it was Not Allowed people to Buy more than thousand Plants in Order to give private people the Chance to be Part of This Crowd-growing Project.

The Green Paper described all my dreams and ideas, and the Sponsoring and presence @ several Conferences made it Complete for me.

The Website which allowed me to follow my plants in realtime made me Lucky Every day and i dreamt of a better Future.

The Money i invested was all i had and since then i had a lot of Problems to live a Good Life in a carefree manner.

I wish these Type of scams will Never Happen again.

I Think to go after the Facilitators is a very effective way to prevent people from Investing Money into scams like Juicyfields