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Marianne Hesselholdt Burrows own Juicyfields story

My name is Marianne Hesselholdt Burrows, I am Danish and I live in Portugal at the moment. I invested in JuicyFields last May, after it had been recommended to me by an acquaintance. At first, I tried to check on the Internet if it truly was a good business, and reading the article in Forbes magazine, as well as seeing the many video clips on YouTube from various expos around the world, helped convince me. The final thing that convinced me, was a private email from Ayman Galbeed, the owner of the Danish company Cannabis International, partners of JuicyFields, who replied to me after I sent him an email with several questions about the company. I thought it highly unlikely that a Danish company would be part of a scam… And his private email reassured me that everything was “just great! “…I invested… And 3 months later, everything was gone!
(and Ayman Galbeed never replied to any of my emails anymore!)