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Luc Declercqs own Juicyfields story

Hello, this is my story regarding Juicy Fields.

In times of covid-19, I was aware that there wasn’t really much right about that whole story. I also could not appreciate the one-sided reporting by the government and media and had to look for the other side of that story.

That’s how I came into contact with other like-minded people with whom I built a lasting bond. In the end, the whole of this covidsaga has had a positive consequence. My circle of acquaintances has expanded much more than before and I have also discovered other informative channels that shed a totally different light on what is going on in this world.

Similarly, in one of our conversations, the subject of “autonomy” came up. I am very much interested in this, given my desire to be financially independent to a large extent and to be able to bridge a period for about eight years until I reach retirement age.

And Juicy Fields, which was explained a little bit by a friend, could offer me a way out to that financial independence. Then, in early 2022, I started to delve a little bit into what Juicy Fields proposed and what exactly they offered. I started looking for information on various social media channels and went over their business model through their website. An additional aspect in this project to growing cannabis plants intended for use as medicinal cannabis appealed to me very strongly following my interest in alternative and/or holistic medicine.

In retrospect, the profit percentages were too large to actually be true, but my drive for financial independence was so great that I was actually blinded by the calculations of the predicted profit amounts.

So I started in May 2022 with an initial purchase of 10 Juicy Flash type plants at a total cost of 500 euros, followed shortly thereafter by the purchase of one plant at a cost of 2000 euros. The following month I purchased another plant in the amount of 2000 euros making my total investment 4500 euros. And on July 11, 2022, the bomb burst and my dream shattered into a thousand pieces.

I won’t tear my pants now either, given the diversified nature of my movable property. What I do regret is that this scam was so well set up and is still going on without being stopped, neither by the social media, nor by the banks, nor by the police, nor by the justice department, nor by the authorities!

And hence I also fully support Lars Olofsson’s actions in the hope that people will realize how our current society functions and is actually doomed. Everything revolves around money and I am glad that I myself do not have children or grandchildren who need to continue to function in this current world. A world that is rapidly becoming more digital and where the social fabric between people continues to crumble. I do not accept this and I do not want to live in such a world!

Luc Declercq.