Personal stories

24year old members own Juicyfields story

I’m a 24 year old Turk who has immigrated to EU few years ago for their more transparent
way of governing, better rule of law and respect for universal human rights after
having lived through the most corrupt and backwards government imaginable to me for
almost my whole life.
As an avid supporter of legalization of cannabis, in my opinion EU has taken steps in the
right direction in the last few years. I would very much like to be part of an industry
that boosts our chances of mitigating the effects of climate change, that gives people a safer
alternative to alcohol and tobacco cigarettes and can be helpful in quite many unrelated
but vital sectors of economy. How I got scammed by JF is very much related to me leaving
my home country in search of a place with a better mode of governance.
So how did I get fooled? I did my research on JF before investing a total of 1650€. I saw that
there were few voices online that tried to warn us of their shady practices but they had not
gotten any media traction unlike the articles we see in reputable news networks promoting
the revolutionary ideals of JuicyFields such as giving the common man a chance to take part
in an industry that is one of the hardest to get into. The fact that they were headlining
cannabis expos and them having a strong social media presence with quick response times
and on top of all these accepting payment with SEPA really helped me dismiss my
reservations about JF.
I had thought, this is EU, regulations are followed religiously(oh how I was fooled) and a
company that is multinational claiming to be in cannabis business possibly cannot fool the
banks, media, regulatory agencies etc. all at once while accepting payments from all EU
countries for over 2 years. I had really thought I found the goose that layed the golden egg
because cannabis industry is quite new and full of opportunities. If this scam had happened
in my home country Turkey, where corruption is rife within government and private sector
this would be just a really common occurence, but in EU I thought no way they would let
such a scam go on for this long.
When I was about to receive my first return from JuicyFields, they shut down the logins and
there was a media blackout that led all of us to panic in the Telegram group. There were
rumors of people having committed suicide over this and I felt really bad for few weeks over
my loss too, that was until Daniel, Lars and Nina gave me hope again for the possibility of
some sort of justice after what had happened.
1650€ may not be much in many EU countries but after the dramatic fall of Turkish currency
this year, many people have descended further into poverty in Turkey and minimum wage is
now 334€ per month there as I’m typing this. %60 of the workforce in my home country
receives minimum wage so this gave me an incredible shame over having wasted money
that would be life changing to most of my home countries population.
Now I’m fully behind Lars and his team giving hell to every person/company/government that
helped facilitate such a shameful occurence to happen.
-L (I do not wish to disclose my real name due to the topic of cannabis being very
controversial in Turkey)