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Wolfgangs own Juicyfields story

My Juicy Fields Story

Hello everyone,

My name is Wolfgang and I’m a Belgian citizen.

This is a short story about my Juicy Fields experience.

A close friend introduced me in December 2021.

I was impressed how the website was built and that one could visually follow day by day the evolution of the virtual plants in several stages of growing,flowering,drying,curing,till harvesting time.

Even an online simulator called “juicycalc” existed,that made in excel a preview of ones investments.

Juicy Fields telegram-groups existed in several languages,with thousands of members worldwide,some commenting how much plants they harvested and that the promised profit got transferred on their bankaccounts.
Some even claimed to have visited existing farms in Portugal and posted pictures about their presence.

So I started investing in 5 plants weekly from January 2022.
It became a daily habit to vist the Juicy Fields website and watch “my plants” evolve.

In March I followed a few webinars,with Daniel Gauci on YouTube…his easy going appearance convinced me the most to continue investing.
That we,as investors,were supporting a good cause and that the cannabisbusiness was booming anyway.
He mentioned the Juicy Fields’ sponsored cannabis-expos in Europe,and their partners in several countries worldwide,where the physical plants were growing.

In April I got my first harvest sold and the money was deposited in my bankaccount 2 days later.
From that moment on I reinvested all my profits and bought plants twice a week untill the website and my account wasn’t accessible anymore at end of June 2022.

Was I greedy?? Not really,…my goal was to create a passive income on a regular base of a few 100’s€/month on top of my retirement.

Now,of course,we all know it was a scam…

Against all odds,i’m very happy,that there’s Lars Oloffson and to be part of the Telegram JF Claimers Members-community.
It gives me relief on the frustration of being fooled,my naivety and the lost time I spent on monitoring “my plants”.

The only hope on a possible compensation is Lars and his team…authorities seem not to be interested in individual complaints…