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Darko Nads own Juicyfields story


I would like to share with you my story about my investment in Juicy Fields, investment that surely changed my economy and effected whole family.
It might not be the biggest investment but it definitely hurts alot.

I heard of Juicy Field for the first time att my job, one of my colleagues has invested in it and told me all about it but of course i thought it is a scam, it was just too good to be true.
In that time I have opened pizzeria to earn some more money in addition to my day job, it was going well and I had no need for any other investments. I was glad that my colleague was earning money on JF but i just didn’t have time for that, it haven’t felt right to take that risk when I was doing so good with my business.

Then came inflation after hard times with pandemic, it just hit us hard, we were not able to run pizzeria any longer, it has started to take money from our family savings. Sweden is just not country for small business, the taxes will eat you alive.
We had no other option than to shut down pizzeria and to sell all the equipment. I was very disappointed with my failure to make something successful for my family and I had to find something that will rise our economy, something that will help me to provide my children everything they dream of. That’s when I started thinking about JF…

I was calculating in weeks and again discussing JF with my colleague, I even heard that many other colleagues have invested their money and got paid several times since then.
It has last for such a long time, people got paid and everything felt good. I have never invested in anything and thought it’s about time to be modern and invest in something, JF was the one for me.
To invest little would take too long and my plan was to borrow from the bank and invest little bit more and after 3-4 harvests take out everything and pay back to the bank. In my calculations it would be enough for me. Like I said it was not big money considering how much have the others lost but for me it was a fortune.
It started well, first harvest was sold, I even took out something just to see how it works. Future looked bright, even my wife started thinking to invest.

One day I wake up and thought I’m dreaming, everything was gone… Just couldn’t believe it is happening. But it was, and that was reality, it was too god to be true.
All hopes were gone that day. I didn’t know how I am going to pay off all of the debts, how am I going to tell to my family that our money is gone.

Our light att the end of the tunnel came in form of our lawyer Lars, his plan was so good and I had to join him. I still feel it is on the right track, hope is still alive.
This are hard times for all of us, but we will survive, we will continue to fight together because together we are stronger.

Thank you to all of you that are helping with this case.

Kind regards
D. N.