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Members Juicyfields story

Because mandatory vaccination for school children became law where we lived we decided to emigrate to where our children would be allowed to continue their education.

Little did I know that this would be the start of many years of forced separation from my wife and the mother of our children. Because of my age and background, after emigrating I found it impossible to find work or make money any other way. I thus became dependent on my wife’s earnings to support us from overseas, as immigration law and general economy made it impossible for my wife to work over here.

When a friend told me about Juicy Fields in the beginning of 2022 and I had an “influencer” draw me up a strategy that showed how I could bring my wife home in as little as one to two years I got very excited. Whereas I did not like the faces and descriptions of the “management team”, I was impressed by the Green Paper and by all the experiences that were shared in the JF telegram group. I really thought that this was a legitimate opportunity and my ticket to a better life, enjoying family reunification.

Over the next several months I invested most of what I had left of an inheritance from the sale of my late parents’ house. I always reinvested all the money from the alleged sale of my plants. After all, I was not into earning a bit of pocket money, but aimed at retiring my wife and enjoying a weekly passive income for the rest of our days together. The strategy that the influencer had drawn up clearly showed that this was very possible, and he had told me that he was already receiving this type of income every week, along with many other investors. There did not seem to be any reason why this would not continue, as Juicy Fields appeared to be going quite powerfully in the market. As time went by I felt more and more confident and invested pretty much all my savings. I was excited and was very much looking forward to the rewards for our patience and persistence in these years of hard times. 

In July 2022, a few days after I came back from a week hiking in the mountains, it was announced that there was trouble. Soon it became clear that we had all been had, and that Juicy Fields was in fact a carefully crafted scam. I felt disheartened for squandering the inheritance my parents had left me instead of making it grow for my wife and children to benefit from. I also really felt robbed of the dream of bringing my hard working wife home at last. And in a way, I felt I was back at square one, only now without a dime to my name. It took a while for the full magnitude of the loss to sink in. Whereas some other investors screamed bloody murder from day one after the collapse, and others went into denial and believed that Juicy Fields would come back and things would get back on track, I was trying to get my footing in the midst of all this without losing myself in negativity or naïvité. I kept on hoping that somehow I would get my money back, but had no idea how. What I really wanted back more than money was the dream that I had lost. Even getting back my investment could not buy that (without an opportunity with such a gigantic rate of return as Juicy Fields had promised to be).
Enter Lars Olofsson (God bless him), who I take to be the only human being on the planet right now who sincerely and tirelessly works to help fraud victims such as myself and my family. He has given us back hope, and that is huge. Out of gratitude for his efforts I have felt it in my heart to share this very personal story publicly. Victory to Lars, his Team and the whole group of clients represented!