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Another members Juicyfields story

Hello, yes I would like to share my experience with Juicyfields because it distorted a big part of my life.

I am a single mother with two teenagers. 

I have to live from a tiny replacement income. 

That is why when a friend told me about Juicyfields I decided to invest with the little savings I had to be able to live a little bit more easily.

The idea that it was based on growing canabis plants only made it more attractive for me because I know the benefits of this wonderful plants. 

I started buying 1 single plant each month and reinvested the profits it made until I saw it worked as they promised. 

Then I invested my savings, 3000€.

This may not sound much to many people but for me it was all I had. 

So from the moment that I could start taking 400 € a month from my investment….. Everything shut down!!!!

It was horror for me and my children. 

First, no money left and the enormous disappointment and disbelieve. 

It took away my belief in people. 

It gave me a great amount of stress. 

And than they began to give you hope to recover, this was the meanest thing that they could do!!!! 

I fell into a deep hole. 

I didn’t dare to talk to my friends about this because I felt so damn stupid!!! 

So now I’m still struggling to get by every month. 

The possitieve side of all of this is that I met Daniel and Lars and all the other people who got scammed, what a bunch of people, they are great!!! 

We all believe that Lars has the brains to help us and the enormous work Daniel and Nina will help him. 

My little contribution (this story) I hope that it will help you guys 🍀