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Dominique’s Juicyfields story

Am a Swiss citizen and have  invested in Juicyfields in December 2021, I had some small doubts at the beginning, but as I saw they were going big in exhibitions, I thought that if that were to be a scam, they would not be allowed into cannabis exhibits, especially showing off like they were, having nice stands. When I googled about Juicyfield, I easily found videos posted on youtube.

After the first return, I invested way more than what I should have in 2022, because despite some people trying to warn us, all the social medias were vehiculing a good image of Juicyfields, and why would the swiss chamber of commerce allow them to be registered if it was a scam? I trusted the swiss authorities.  Some investors also checked that they really had offices in Amsterdam, with employees.

Had I not seen all the ‘publicity’ on youtube or facebook, I wouldn’t have heard about them, therefore never invest in JF. I went all in with the little I had, which was a lot for me ! 

Dominique P.