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Marianne’s Juicyfields story


I live in Switzerland and am a Swiss citizen. I’ve always been interested in trading but had no idea how to trade.  In 2021 I was looking for a Broker willing to teach and explain how to trade. Found a Broker in the UK Global CTB, did investigations on their company and did not find anything suspicious about them and everything was well set up. They also took time to explain allowing me to understand how it worked.  Everything went well and I could withdraw 1K. Only later when I had a lot more to withdraw it showed up that this was not possible and I finally understood that this was a scam and I lost a big sum. 

After this bad experience I decided to continue, but with someone who did only teach trading and investments and did not have any other interests than to be paid for their time and trade knowledges. Late 2021 I found what I was looking for and I still take  part the group and we get together virtually once a week. The person who is the leader and teacher  in the group are very experienced and we learn a lot and we trust his judgement. While the Juicy Fields started with their promotions and with the possibility to invest as a grower on their website, we talked about it and our teacher invested but told us to wait until  he had been  able to withdraw and if the profit would be as promised. So we did and while his plants had grown up and he could withdraw his investment and the profit,  it was interesting and we invested. Since in Switzerland the Cannabis is authorized and Juicy Fields had an office here, we could not imagine anything suspicious. Thought that it was better to do it before the big Pharmaceutical societies started to seriously invest in it and trusted also the Swiss Authorities who allowed great exhibitions etc. 

Started with a small investment, was able to withdraw it and reinvested and then things went as we all know! I’m not even thinking of investing now because I don’t have anything left!

Marianne P.