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My story in short.

I had a small tourism representation business that I ran for about 17 years operating through out the 4 Nordic countries. I loved it. 

Things did get tough and it had its ups and downs. However, Corona came and all the lockdowns and policies hit my market hard. I tried for a few months to stay open digging into savings because I didn’t know how long it would last …they said “2 weeks to stop the curve” savings disappeared after a few months…at that time, small bills that I couldn’t pay we’re being handed over to debt collectors. So, even a €75 telephone bill that couldn’t be paid became €200 in a matter of weeks and kept doubling…i had a few of these bills. It got so bad that my tax returns also doubled and now we are talking worse crimes than murder in a Nordic country.. .and I used my savings to pay those as I was worried. My company was a LTD company so I did not have liability but I have always regarded myself as a good citizen so I paid my bills as much as I could but it got to a point where my savings were gone…and it was sell the house or declare bankruptcy …i declared and it was gazetted and declared about 2 months later. Now, my savings…were gone…Corona was still here…no income …no bail out that was being touted in newspapers…my savings was supposed to be my retirement. 

A few months later, I was diagnosed with head and neck cancer with a slim chance of survival…

During my treatment I started studying…how can 56yr old reinvent himself to get hired? I borrowed some money from my wife and used some to do a course, full-stack web development….tge rest which want a big amount …fir most investors what I had was small but it was all I had …in fact, it was 6 months of food that I was desperate to grow so I could try somehow to get my situation off the poverty line. I found juicy Fields throw ads and chats…and put it all in hoping to grow that. 

I lost it all. . JF was a scam….and the humiliation of losing my business, my little bit if self worth, my contributor status…all weighed heavily but I studied and studied in fact I still study….and  I am now looking for work to build websites, web apps, mobile apps so I try to be positive. 

I’m 1 year out of treatment and going very well.

I found you via the telegram group…and I joined not only for the hope of getting back my money but also because I knew there were others like me and I wasnt alone and this can’t be allowed to happen again.

Thank you for returning some hope into my world. Even, if this doesn’t work out…on a side note, cannabis oil which I was given by a friend got me through those dark times and treatment ….its a magical herb that offers so much …mental health, body and sleep and so much more that I definitely would give my time and money if I had it, to a project like JF that was above board and legal tomorrow given the chance. 

Much love 

Kind regards