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Nadines Juicy fields story

I am Nadine from Germany, 41 years old and since more than 15 years a traveller and a freelance designer. During the pandemic it was financially not an easy time for me and I started to educate myself deeper about alternative incomes like trading, stocks, cryptos etc.
In February 2022 I became part of an investment community where Juicyfields was already discussed and a lot of members were invested. I was sceptic at the beginning and researched on Google. I found out, that they had problems with the BaFin and that for Germans the registration was closed but I also found tons of influencers and positiv press articles in all kind of languages about Juicyfields. I saw them as sponsors of huge Cannabis expos and I also found a JF-Webinar with the influencer Ash Rana on the 27th of May 2022. He said: „The investment in Juicyfield changed my life.“ This phrase triggered me. He described how sceptic he was at the beginning, but when he saw that the system worked, he put more and more money and suddenly he had an esay life. Moreover he explained how difficult it is for the canabis business to get licences but that JF got licences and so the investment is safe. He also confirmed that the BaFin allowed Germans to invest again – this convinced me completely.

The next days I calculated my savings, my needs and my potential income for the next four months as the „waitingtime“ was just 108 days until the plants were sold. On the 3rd of June 2022 I made my first invest of 5000,- EUR in total; far more than the max. of 500,- EUR I normally invest. Two weeks later I realized that the BaFin never gave the green light for German E-growers and that JF lied. I already knew that this story would not come to an happy end but I crossed fingers that the drama will wait until september when my 108 waiting time would be over.

Unfortunatelly the end came already middle of July and with it came weeks of nightmare like in a bad movie. I spent most of the days reading all kind of Telegram groups for new updates. The information I found was confusing and changed every hour – there were so many people specualting about russian passports, statements, contracts. I read chats of desperate people that lost everything and wanted to commit suicide. I was nearly „happy“ that I „just“ lost 5000,- Euros although it is a lot of money for me. I called lawyers, I wrote E-Mails to consumer organisations or to media. I called even an official judge in Berlin for his advice. I filed a criminal complaint and kept on searching for a realistic solution until I found Lars Olofsson. With him and the team I want that the worldwide increase of financial scams stopps. I want that criminals stop humiliating other people, because this is how I feel: naiv, betraied and humiliated.

There is just one person in my life that knows about this story. She is my best friend and she wanted to invest 10.000,- Euros in JF. Fortunatelly, she started investing step by step and when the BaFin-Fake came to light she was „only“ invested with 600,- Euros. My boyfriend and my family dont know about my Juicyfield drama. I will tell them after we win the case with Lars.