Dear NN,

I am deeply saddened by your situation and lost investment. I have now been working on the Juicy Fields Case for more than 5 months and have started my first legal actions.

I am now ready to take on more clients who want to participate in upcoming class actions, and the distribution thereof. My legal actions include both investments made with FIAT money and Crypto.

Today I have about 800 clients from 56 countries. Thank you for your interest and your willingness to sign up.

There are podcasts, videos and info about me, the case and what is happening. Please also take a look at our other website –

The agreement between you and me as your lawyer is that you pay an administration fee of €200 per person (that’s all) to cover my overheads for a team of 12 people, and then I take a commission of 20% of everything I manage to get in compensation in my legal processes. This is the practice that lawyers in the United States use.

I have complete freedom to devise the necessary legal strategy and make the best possible settlements or court decisions.

If you accept, I will arrange with my Community Manager, Daniel, to invite you to JF Claimers Members Club 2 on Telegram. This is the exclusive group of all my clients who have accepted the agreement between them and me.

Please note the payment instruction as part of the registration. I will keep an eye on the payment and confirm it.

The payment instructions are as follows:
Payment of 200€ to :
Prio Startup AB
Swift code: HANDSESS
Bank: Handelsbanken, Lokgatan 8, 21120 Malmö, Sweden
account number; 6761-486,679,861
IBAN; SE40 6000 0000 0004 8667 9861.
Write reference: “JF + your name”.

I need you to send me a copy of the payment and I will confirm it immediately, and after that you will be on my client list.

A lawyer cannot represent a person without verifying his/her identity and I also need some information/data from you in my proceedings.

In order for me and my team to organize all the information, we have arranged a form that I need you to fill out for me.

Once you have filled in the questions and checked the “accept” box, the form will automatically be sent to an email address where we organize and structure your data. Then I can use them in my negotiations.

I am the only person who has access to your identity (not even my paralegal or assistants will access your identity) and I will keep your identity confidential to our counterparts.

The identifications will be certified by the Notary if necessary in my contacts with counterparties and anonymized.

All information will be handled according to GDPR. You can take pictures with your mobile camera and add them to the form for some of the documents needed.

Once you have submitted the form and paid the administration fee, we will add you to the Telegram group and you will receive a notification about this.

Best regards / Lars Olofsson